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This is amazing on a level that I don't know how to properly form into words. 7/5

Wow. Thank you. Finally someone did a proper animation of this, and it is brilliantly done.

Would really be icing on the cake if Mr. Poopybutthole popped in at the end and briefly explained that they are reading the actual court transcript of "State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen"

Not bad, if the title to these Orange Madness instead of Orange Combat, I would have throw in another half star.

The timing of the movements is a bit off, sometimes you uses a lot of frames for the actions which makes it feel awkwardly slow, and others you jump frames too quickly making it seem too jagged.

What I'd recommend, is speed up your fps a bit, and polish the movements so that everything feels within the same pace, and that way when you want to show a fast reaction, like when he turns around, you can add some slight 'whooshy' graphic for a frame or two and have the hands take a few frames to actually move, that way it feels like he's still turning quickly, but maintains to feeling of a quick motions... Especially in a style like Madness, more frames and a higher fps make fast paced fighting look way more clean and smooth, yea, it's a bit more effort to fill in the frames, but in the end it'll pay off. Remember even if it,s short, you still want it to feel intense and aggressive, so there is a sense of accomplishment.

As it is currently, it feels as though he is sluggishly working through some non threatening enemies at an awkward pace. Don't under estimate the power of subtly, like one of the guards not looking at him, and then changing expression and noticing his is there as he approaches the door, or when he gets the last knife to to lodge it in the guys head and kick him over, rather then recycling the stab animation and dropping the knife, or how the hammer guy pauses for a moment before walking forward, during that dead air time have him look back at the cannon guy, the little things like that will make it feel more alive.

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I'll give you a solid four for the effort, but you lose a star for not including Dill Clinton.

Koridai011 responds:

i finally put dill clition in the game

Needs alot of work.

mouse + arrows = fail. Use WASD.

The back ground hit box is so glitchy you can basically just cheat you way around the maps

Noises are truly horrible. extremely loud ear piercing screeches over the silent back ground is bad.

because of the glitchy physics and going through objects and walls the level design never really matters since you can just run through and all the will boxes fly all over the place and then you can just wall jump ect.

Solid concept. A lot of people are complaining about it being non responsive but I think they didn't give it a chance to even really understand the controls. I would say this would be more entertaining with it being left or right as controls but I understand it's meant as a mobile app so the tapping is appropriate. The biggest problem I find with this is the randomness it seems like it would be more addictive if the levels were all set in place, there is far too many times that its literally impossible because of the way that the cones will block a path and the gates are on opposite sides, it gets frustrating and not in a good way that makes me want to show the game whos boss but more in a way that I feel that it's hopeless because I'll inevitably run into a situation where it's not even possible.

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